- Biography

Born on 24.12.1959. in Belgrade. Her father is Miloš Beljić, a diplomat, ambasador in retirement, and her mother is Dobrinka Krstić Beljić, an academy painter. Being a daughter of a diplomat, she lived for 4 years in Tokyo (1965-1969), attending Seisen International School, and in Calcutta (1974-1978), where she finished the Cambridge “O” Level in Loreto House and started studies in medicine at the Bethune College and Calcutta Medical College. She graduated at the Belgrade School of Medicine, University of Belgrade in 1984.
She has been employed at the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders Department of Medicine, “Zvezdara” University Medical Center in Belgrade, since 17. 4. 1986. From 10.10.2016. she is the Director of the Department of Medicine. She has been teaching students and lecturing at the Belgrade School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, since 16.11.1996. She is a Professor in Medicine at the Belgrade School of Medicine from 19.4.2018.
Her humanitarian and professional work has been emotionally divided between menopause and diabetes. Prof dr Desanka Mijalković Stambolić introduced her to the diabetes camps for children. Prof dr Gordana Prelević helped her visit outpatient clinics for menopause and policystitc ovary syndrome in London. Together with nurse Vida Knežević, she organized the first camp for children with diabetes in former Yugoslavia, in 1989. Thereafter, she organized camps for older people with diabetes, starting from 2002., with nurse Gordana Jovanović and Snežana Mladenović. From 1995 – 2003. she was the president of the Belgrade Diabetes Association. She joined Diabetes Association of Serbia in 2000, and became its President during the period 2004 – 2009. She has made guidelines for organizing camps for elderly with diabetes. She had a TV school on diabetes. And she did screening for diabetes in the Romani people. Nowdays, she is focused on helping people with diabetes.